Kabul(IP)- According to the CEO of the Iranian Trade Center in Afghanistan, the most important reason for establishing an Iranian trade center in Kabul is the sale of Iranian products in Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: Iran's trade center in Kabul will be opened on Sunday with the presence of Taliban government officials and Iranian political and economic officials in Kabul.

Seven thousand square meters have been allocated for Iranian companies in Iran's trade center in Afghanistan. The center has to provide legal and commercial consulting services, help in signing commercial and economic contracts, providing insurance, transportation, and logistics services.

In an interview with IranPress correspondent on the ground, Samaneh Abdollahi the CEO of the Iranian Trade Center in Afghanistan stated the sale of Iranian products in all provinces of Afghanistan is the most important goal of establishing a business center in Kabul.

She added that based on the license issued by the Iran Trade Development Organization, the trade center in Kabul is the largest trade center in Iran, which has an administrative department, residential units, and dedicated warehouses.

Abdullahi said, considering the good capacity for economic and commercial cooperation in Afghanistan, Iran's goal is to create jobs in Afghanistan.

The head of Iran's trade delegation to Kabul also told Iranpress reporter that the development of sustainable trade and exports between Iran and Afghanistan is the most important task of Iran's trade center in Kabul.Azari added that the inauguration of Iran's business center in Afghanistan creates a good opportunity to transfer machinery, equipment, and knowledge-based companies to the country.

Hossein Rausti, Iran's commercial attache in Afghanistan, also emphasized that eight international holding companies of Iran are supposed to operate in Afghanistan after the inauguration of the center.

He expressed his hope that the center will act as the executive branch of the Trade Development Organization of Iran and help to advance the export goals of the Islamic Republic.


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