Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson of the Energy Commission of Iran's parliament detailed the parliament's plan to develop a peaceful nuclear program and support the nuclear power plant industry.

Iran PressIran news: Malek Shariati, the spokesman of the Energy Commission of the parliament, said the commission reviewed the details of the development plan for the peaceful exploitation of nuclear technology to generate electricity on Sunday.

Stating about today's meeting of the Energy Commission, Malek Shariati added: The meeting was dedicated to the review of the details of the 18-point plan for the development of peaceful exploitation of nuclear technology in generating electricity, which preliminary had been approved in the previous meetings.

The spokesman also expressed hope that with the final approval of this plan regarding the amount of investment for the development of nuclear power plants, the electricity production of the country will improve.

The spokesperson of the Parliament's Energy Commission pointed out: The plan aims to support the country's nuclear power plant industry because Iran has indigenized the knowledge of the industry and we should be able to use it for peaceful nuclear energy to generate nuclear electricity.


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