The head of Syrian Cinema Organization, Murad Shahin, has said in order to show the world the culture of resistance, we need big cinematic productions like what happened in Iranian cinema.

Iran Press/Iran news: Head of Syrian Cinema Organization, Murad Shahin who attended the 15th Resistance International Film Festival in an exclusive Interview with Iran Press News Agency said: "I expect from this festival really to be one big view [sic] for resistance."

Murad Shahin noted, "To make big films, if we want to show our ideas to all [sic] the world, we have to make big cinematic productions. Big cinematic productions for our films to explain what we want from the world to explain we are not the bad guys as they [the West] claims. We are just ordinary people who want to live in peace with other people. That is what I expect from the festival."

"Iranian films take part in all the world's festivals, that’s the truth, which says Iranian cinema or Iranian civilization is great and already is clear for the other people for European people for American people and they can understand this civilization. This has happened through Iranian cinema," he added.

Resistance International Film Festival

The 15th edition of the Resistance International Film Festival started its work in Tehran on Monday 26 November 2018.

The cinematic event screened movies whose theme is revolution and resistance to cruelty and oppression and hosted film makers from around the world, including from Chile, Tanzania, the US, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Argentina, Syria, Russia, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, France, Spain, India, Uruguay, Canada, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UK and China.

Eight foreign guests will sit on the jury in the international sector of the festival.

Around 200 Iranian filmmakers are among a total of 906 filmmakers from 94 countries had applied to the festival’s competition sector. Twenty-four movies, including 9 theatrical films and 15 documentary films have qualified for the final round. 101/205

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Head of Syrian Cinema Organization Murad Shahin