Rome (IP)- Iran's ambassador to Italy has said that the American conspiracies against the Iranian nation in the last four decades are a document that shows the hostile actions and interference of this country and some allies against Iran.

Iran PressEurope: Mohammadreza Sabouri stated: Iran does not trade its independence and security with anything and any country, and Iran's fixed policy is a "Policy of Independent, neither East nor West".

In a press conference with Italian journalists at the Iranian embassy in Rome on Thursday evening, the new ambassador of Iran in Italy pointed to the recent unrest in Iran and its exaggeration in the West and emphasized: "Accuracy, fairness, avoiding prejudice are among the important professional ethics principles of journalism.

Sabouri said, "Unfortunately, in recent events, some mass media have covered the events of Iran by citing unreliable sources related to the terrorist organization of the MKO."

The Iranian ambassador in Rome added: "I want everyone to read the documents of this organization, when it was on the list of terrorist groups in the United States and the European Union, to know what crimes they have committed against the people of Iran".

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Emphasizing Iran's religious beliefs and civilization history of thousands of years, Sabouri called freedom one of the fundamental values of Islam and highlighted: Iran respects human and natural values, but what is not acceptable is the insistence of the authorities of some countries to impose culture and their lifestyle to other societies and cultures.

 Iran's ambassador to Italy emphasized that we do not claim to be perfect and mistakes may happen in the bureaucracy, but giving a political flavor to mistakes is considered to be interference in Iran's internal affairs.

Sabouri added that the fake agenda of some Western countries and some media that are hostile to Iran in the territory of these countries is organized as part of the political campaign to put maximum pressure on the government and people of Iran, which is done through incitement to chaos, distortion and even falsification of facts which is rejected.

Sabouri considered the removal and disconnection of some of Iran's international satellite networks by the European Union as an obvious anti-freedom measure that the West claims to support.

Iran's ambassador to Italy also underlined the need to strengthen the bilateral diplomatic relations between Iran and Italy, which is 161 years old.

Sabouri said: The political and economic relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Italy have always been progressive and constructive in comparison with other European countries.

The ambassador of Iran in Italy stated that, unfortunately, due to the existence of sanctions and the role of external actors and the negative psychological effects caused by the creation of enemies and biased media, these relations have not been without ups and downs over the years, but the authorities of Tehran and Rome have always tried, with a view take long-term steps based on mutual interests to remove these obstacles.

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Iran's ambassador in Rome also stressed the war in Ukraine that since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, the Islamic Republic of Iran has clearly expressed its opposition to the war and emphasized its readiness to mediate between the parties.

Sabouri also pointed to the prominent position of Martyr General Qassem Soleimani and the role of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in destroying ISIS and said: General Soleimani played a very important and decisive role in confronting the terrorist and takfiri groups created by the criminal US.

Mohammad Reza Sabouri is the new ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome.

Last Wednesday, Sabouri officially started his mission in this country by presenting his credentials to Sergio Mattarella, the President of Italy.


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