Najaf (IP) – Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said that in the shadow of friendly and brotherly relations between the two nations and the governments of Iran and Iraq, the two countries ties are expanding.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with Iran Press correspondent in Najaf, Nasser Kanani stated that the recent visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister to Tehran at the official invitation of the Iranian President is a good opportunity to deepen and expand mutual ties in various fields.

He added that during this trip, Iran and Iraq would discuss the two countries national interests and regional and international issues.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman also pointed to the border issues in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, saying: "Fortunately with the good negotiations between Iran and Iraq at specialized levels, the Iraqi government is determined to consolidate its sovereignty on the common borders in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq based on Iran's request."

"The deployment of Iraqi forces on the common border with Iran in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is good news, and we hope that with the completion of this deployment, the security on the borders of the two countries will be strengthened," he said.

Kanani expressed hope that deploying Iraqi forces in the common borders would prevent the activities of separatist terrorist outfits that use the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to make the common borders insecure.

He also noted that the significant presence of Iraqi and Iranian political and religious figures and the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman in a ceremony in Najaf commemorating the fortieth day after the martyrdom of people in the terrorist attack on Shiraz's Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Iran shows the depth of relations and the presence of the two countries in the united front against terrorism.

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At the ceremony, various distinguished Iraqi scholars, university professors, Iraqi nomadic sheikhs, and the deputy governor of Najaf were also present.


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