Iran's ambassador to the United Nations said that the Security Council must condemn the aggressive actions of the Zionist regime in Syria.

Iran PressAmerica: Amir Saeid Irvani, the ambassador and permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations in New York participated in the meeting of the United Nations Security Council regarding the situation in the Middle East with a focus on Syria.

He said that the actions of the Israeli regime in violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and deliberately targeting people and civilian infrastructures, especially the attacks on airports and ships carrying humanitarian aid in this country, are violations of international law, international humanitarian law and the United Nations Charter.

The senior diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized: "Security and stability in northern Syria can only be achieved through maintaining and fully respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country, and any military operation in northern Syria can be challenging for humanitarian issues, and even deteriorate that.

Iran's envoy assessed the humanitarian conditions in Syria as dire and added: "The continuation of the country's economic problems has wide-ranging effects. In this regard, one of the most frightening issues is the spread of cholera throughout Syria, and this has exacerbated the dangerous humanitarian conditions in this country."

Iravani added: "Unilateral sanctions and especially the hardships in public health and food security imposed by Western countries have worsened the humanitarian conditions in Syria."

Irvani also stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran once again condemns the theft of Syria's natural resources, especially oil products, in occupied districts by foreign forces, and this criminal act is a clear violation of territorial integrity, UN resolutions and the UN Charter." 219