Middle East(IP)- Al Mayadeen Network, hacked by a party labeling itself as ISIL, denies false news on an explosion at Beirut International Airport and addresses the hacking that targeted a number of its platforms.

Iran PressMiddle East: Al Mayadeen Network denied the false news about an explosion at Beirut International Airport on Thursday evening.

The platforms of the Al Mayadeen Network were hacked on Thursday evening, and false news was broadcast on some of its social media platforms about an explosion at Beirut International Airport.

A party attributing itself to the ISIS terrorist organization announced hacking some of the Al Mayadeen Network's platforms. However, the platforms were soon restored, and the issue was resolved.

According to this report, threats against Al-Mayadeen and the publication of pictures of ISIL leaders were among the other points published on the hacked pages of Al-Mayadeen.

Al Mayadeen Online Director, Bahia Halawi stated that hacking of Al-Mayadin pages may be done by the technical departments of other countries.

Al Mayadeen Online Director added that often different parties from different geographical regions can play a role in hacking, some countries may have groups in other regions that carry out such actions.


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