London (IP) -The strike of the London subway workers disrupted transportation in the capital.

Iran PressEurope: The Union of Railway Workers in the United Kingdom announced that members of the union have gone on strike to protest rising the cost of living, low wages, and poor working conditions.

According to the announcement of the Union of Railway Employees in Britain, about 10,000 subway and railway employees in London and its suburbs went on strike for 24 hours.

The strikers announced that they will plan another strike if the government continues to ignore their demands.

The media quoted the municipality as saying that 600 employees of metro stations will be cut and it will reduce its financial commitment to retirees to save money. The British government is facing a budget deficit of £50 billion.

Last week, thousands of people with the slogan "Britain is bankrupt" demonstrated in the streets of central London to Downing Street in protest of high prices, the election of the prime minister without people's votes, the crisis of distrust in politicians, and many economic problems.


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