Tajikistan (IP) - The Iranian and Tajik poets gathered in a literary circle in Dushanbe, the capital of Pakistan, and recited Persian poems.

Iran PressAsia: Iran's Culture Week ceremony was inaugurated in Tajikistan on Monday. The cultural programs are underway in Khujand, Bactria, and Dushanbe, as well as in the country's national university, with about 80 Iranian artists presenting their works.

At the literary circle, which was colored with the performance of Iranian and Tajik music players, the Iranian poet Alireza Ghazveh recited some poems.

Still present in the circle, Iranian Minister of Culture Mohammad-Mahdi Esmaili said that the poets were trying to introduce Persian literature in Tajikistan and the region.

He said that when the Tajik poets talk about the solidarity of Iran and Tajikistan, they apply such a description as 'one soul in two bodies. 

At the event, more than 50 Iranian artists present their artworks in painting, calligraphy, music, miniature painting, and Pahlavani arts. 


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