At least 9 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Al Anbar province, western Iraq on Monday.

Iran Pres/ Middle East: A terrorist attack on the house of a Popular Mobilization Forces officer in Al Anbar Province in western Iraq claimed the lives of 9 people on Monday, IRNA News Agency reported.

Commander of military forces in Al-Garma, "Ahmad Mokhlaf" told Iraqi media, Alsumaria, that the terrorists were wearing military uniform.

He also called for probe into the terrorist attack.

Despite the fact that Al Anbar province has been liberated from ISIS terrorists, terrorist operations are reported against civilians and security forces.

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On November 4, an extensive military operation started by the Iraqi army in the desert areas in western country to chase the remaining ISIS terrorist's elements hiding in the region.

The special operations were conducted in Iraq's vast western desert area which is located between Saladin, Nineveh, and Al Anbar governorates and has many deep hidden tunnels.

In a sign of the continuing menace it poses to Iraq, the bodies of eight captives executed by ISIS were this week found along a highway north of Baghdad.

In a bid to combat the Takfiri militants, Iraqi forces have carried out a series of air strikes against ISIS inside Syria.

Baghdad declared victory over ISIS at the end of last year, but the terror group holds pockets of territory in the vast deserts of eastern Syria and maintains its' ability to strike inside Iraq.


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