London (IP) – A number of British college and university teachers and staff went on strike in protest of low wages and working conditions.

Iran PressEurope: Gathering in front of some British colleges and universities, the protestors called for improving their working conditions and wages, pointing to the increase in the living cost and lack of salary growth.

One of the strikers in front of Barnet College, northwest London, where hundreds of people are studying, said: "Due to the many educational and hard work, we want more salary and we have also demanded to reduce the working hours so that we can be more effective in the educational process of students."

Another teacher in the rally said: "We had to strike, because the wages of college employees have not been increased for a long time, and we went on strike for fair wages. While the cost of living, fuel and energy prices have increased dramatically, our wages have not improved."

Unions of employees of various educational and public service sectors in the UK threatened that two million employees of these sectors would strike soon if the government and employers ignored their demands for improving working conditions and wages.

Bloomberg has warned in a report that annual inflation in the UK is likely to reach 15% by the beginning of 2023, as the sharp increase in energy prices will continue, leading to higher living costs.


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