Tehran(IP)- The CEO of Iran's National Land and Housing Organization says that housing industrialization should be promoted in the country so that society gets to know the benefits of industrialization.

Iran PressIran News:  At the first technological event of the construction and the housing industry in the country, Alireza Fakhari said that industrialization has advantages that can reduce costs, and fuel, prevent wastage of materials, and improve the quality of housing. The event is focused on housing production based on knowledge-based technology.

The head of the Association of Manufacturers and Technologists of the Construction Industry, also present at the event- said that Industrial development is the first priority for the development of the construction sector.



Farid Naini noted: "We consider the National Housing Movement Plan as the right opportunity at the right time, which is beneficial for all walks of life."

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Also, the member of the Construction Commission of the parliament, Iqbal Shakri, said: "The construction of four million housing units is unprecedented during 4 years by President Raisi' administration."

Managing Director of Esfahan Steel Company also added: "During the last 8 months, 12 new knowledge-based products have been produced in the country."



Iraj Rokhsati emphasized: "Today Iran ranks 10th in steel production in the world."

He further said that the country has ten million surplus steel production, which is exported to other countries.


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