Gaza (IP)- One of the senior leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement said that the Zionist regime only understands the language of force and resistance to this regime is the natural right of Palestine.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with IranPress correspondent in Gaza, " Ahmed al-Mudallal stated that after the latest confrontation with the occupiers in Gaza, the confusion of the Zionists and their concern for having a peaceful life has doubled.

Since the 5th of August 2022, Israeli fighters have attacked the Gaza Strip and martyred dozens of Palestinians, including children; Palestinian fighters repeatedly attacked Israeli targets in occupied Palestine.

The senior figure of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement emphasized that the Palestinian resistance is hitting the Zionists in a strategic depth, which shows that the Zionists have no place in the Palestinian homeland.

Ahmed al-Mudallal said that the continuance of resistance in Gaza, the West Bank, and the territories occupied in 1948 is the natural right of Palestine, and resistance hits the Zionist enemy everywhere.

The leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement stated that the Palestinians are fighting only one battle, which is the fight against the Zionist regime, adding that what is harming Israel is the strikes of the resistance to the depth of this regime has caused panic among the Zionists.

" Ahmed al-Mudallal " stated that when there is no security in occupied Palestine, the migration of the Zionists will be reversed. By attacking different Palestinian areas and martyring the Palestinians, the Israeli military has to displace the Palestinians on the agenda. As a result, the Palestinian resistance by attacking Israel's strategic depth. 


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