Tehran (IP)- The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the launch of the Khayyam satellite to space the latest achievement of scientists.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian satellite "Khayyam" was launched into orbit by a Russian Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan on Tuesday.

Iran's Foreign Ministery Spokesman, Nasser Kanaani in his tweet wrote: "The launch of the Khayyam satellite into space is the latest achievement of Iranian scientists' aerospace for peaceful purposes and another golden chapter in the history of Islamic Iran's scientific achievements."

He added: The brilliant path of scientific and technological progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran continues despite the sanctions and the maximum pressure of the enemies. In this regard, in another tweet, the spokesperson of the Guardian Council wrote: The successful launch of the Khayyam satellite showed that Iran's space program is still progressing and sanctions cannot stop it. 219

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