Tehran (IP)- Talking with US Special Representative for Yemeni Affairs, the Senior Advisor of Iran's Foreign Minister pinpointed Iran's support for the extension of the ceasefire in Yemen.

Iran PressIran News: On the UN suggestion, the April ceasefire announced between the Saudi-led coalition and Yemen was extended for further two months. 

Following the Iranian affords to peacefully settle the Yemeni crisis, Ali-Asghar Khaji called on the UN envoy Hans Grundberg to prepare the ground for paying the salaries of Yemeni employees and pensioners, reopening airports and ports, and the total ending the blockade on the country.

Grundberg, for his part, referred to the latest proposals presented to the Yemeni parties and considered the two-month extension of the ceasefire in Yemen an opportunity to achieve a mechanism for the implementation of the ceasefire.

The UN-designated ceasefire was frequently violated by the Saudi-led coalition.  

Still, in response to the two-month extension of the ceasefire in Yemen, the Spokesman of the Yemeni National Salvation Government Mohammad Abdul Salam called on the UN to take action to lift the Saudi blockade on the country.

Since the start of the invasion of Yemen in 2015, the US-backed Saudi regime has killed over 17,000 Yemenis and injured 10,000 others while making millions of civilians homeless. 219

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