A Yemeni source announced on Thursday night that another group of US forces entered the Al-Mahra province in eastern Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Tuesday, these soldiers entered Al-Ghaizah airport in Al-Mahrah province. There is no mention of the number of American soldiers who entered Yemen.

Al-Ghaizah airport is a military base that was built illegally by the British and Zionist forces in 2017.

These military forces are transported from Al-Ryan airport located in Al-Mukalla city; The capital of Hadhramout province.

This action comes after Sheikh Ali Al-Harizi, the head of the anti-occupation sit-in committee, made a revelation and reported on the huge looting of oil by foreign companies in Al-Mahrah province since the 1960s.

Abd al-Aziz bin Habtour, the Prime Minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government, said that the American ambassador's visit to Al-Mahrah and Hadramaut provinces is part of Washington's effort to dominate Yemen's oil wells and ports.

Earlier, Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, the Secretary General of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement, said that America is now looking to build a base in these two regions after ensuring that its mercenaries will carry out their desired programs in Hazrat Mut and Al-Mahra. 219