The head of Iran's newly-established 'State Economic Information and Advertising Board' has emphasized that the government has decided to supply accurate economic news and information on the state of the economy to media outlets as well as the general public.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, who has been appointed as the head of  'State Economic Information and Advertising Board', emphasized that the government will liaise much more closely from now on with Iranian media, particular with regards to the economy and economic news , to make sure that accurate information will reach the Iranian public.

Rahmani Fazli added: "Given the anti-Iran propaganda coming from abroad and given the lack of accurate  information available to media outlets at home, and the lack of co-ordination between government departments (ministries) and various media outlets, the general public does not receive accurate information on the state of Iran's economy, and we want to rectify this situation."

The interior minister added: "The heads of three branches of Iranian government in a meeting decided to coordinate between relevant economic departments and news agencies in order to exchange information. I hope, we all could take decisive steps to give precise and exact information to the public which is their right, of course.  Some foreign media outlets are deliberately putting out inaccurate news about Iran's economy, and unfortunately some Iranian media are also doing this, either because they don't have accurate information about Iran's economy or because of a lack of coordination between them and relevant government departments and ministries.  The heads of the three branches of government also decided to punish those who deliberately mislead the public, or deliberately try to exaggerate the economic difficulties of Iran."

On Saturday, Interior minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli was appointed as the "Chief of State Economic Information and Advertising Board" by President Hassan Rouhani.


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