Following dozens of attacks on northern Iraq by Türkiye in the past two months, fighter jets of this country have once again attacked the villages of Dohuk in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Iran PressMiddle East: On April 18, Türkiye launched a new round of attacks on northern Iraq under the pretext of pursuing and suppressing elements of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Most of these attacks are concentrated in the areas of "Matina", "Al-Zab" and "Afshin-Basian" in the Kurdistan region; However, it has also carried out attacks in other areas, such as Sinjar in the province of Ninawa.

Türkiye's recent attacks on northern Iraq have left several civilians dead, including a child.

On Thursday evening, Varshin Salman, the deputy governor of Al-Emadiyah in Dohuk province in Iraqi Kurdistan, said that Turkish fighter jets bombed these areas again.

The exact extent of the attack is not yet known, but the Turkish Defense Ministry says; It has killed 10 PKK members in the attack.

Iraqi officials have repeatedly called on Türkiye to stop these actions, but Ankara is ignoring the demands, referring to these attacks on the PKK as an excuse, while some analysts and observers in the region believe that Türkiye is pursuing other goals. 219

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