Tehran (IP)- The robot manufacturer for the disabled with spinal cord injuries said: "This device helps them to stand and walk. Also, this robot allows many disabled people to be more present in society and to use their own potential because the disabled do not have many facilities at their disposal."

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Pedram Karimi said: "The Zionist regime first used this plan for its war disabled, but we produced this device in 2015 and we believe that it is competitive in terms of quality and price."

The designer and winner of the top startup said that the price of the foreign device is about 100,000 dollars, but our price is one-sixth of this amount.

Karimi added: "Currently, our device has entered the market, and some have been sold to medical clinics."

He pointed out: "Another advantage of this device is that people with disabilities can use this system without any help." 


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