New video shows 13-year-old boy had hands up when shot by Chicago police.

Iran PressAmerica: An unarmed 13 year-old Black boy had his hands raised in the air when he was gunned down by a Chicago Police Department officer in May, new surveillance video obtained by The Daily Beast shows.

In the video, the teen—known only by his initials A.G.—ran off the sidewalk and into the light of a gas station parking lot with his hands raised in the air before turning around to his right.

It is then that the boy is shot by an officer and collapses to the cement in front of a gas pump.

The Chicago Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the video.

Last year, another 13-year-old, Adam Toledo, was found to have been shot and killed while his hands were in the air. And in 2014, Laquan McDonald was killed after being shot 16 times by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke before multiple officers were implicated in a coverup.

Since Toledo’s death, also following a foot chase, the Chicago Police Department has not yet implemented a permanent foot pursuit policy—a cause of growing outrage amongst community members and advocates.

One video, taken from the body-cam of the officer who shot Toledo— identified in the incident report as Officer Eric Stillman—shows the teen with both hands up at the moment he is shot once in the chest.


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