The President of Mexico rejected the invitation of the US government to attend the summit of the American continent in Los Angeles.

Iran PressAmerica: Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Monday that he will skip the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, dealing a blow to the U.S.' efforts to rally governments to work together to address surging migration in the hemisphere.

The Summit of the Americas began under a cloud Monday after Mexico's leader said he was snubbing President Joe Biden's invitation because Washington refused to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela over human rights abuses and lack of democracy.

“There cannot be an Americas Summit if not all of the continent's countries participate,” López Obrador said Monday, indicating that Mexico would instead be represented by his foreign affairs secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, “Or there can be one, but that is to continue with the old politics of interventionism.”

The dispute, right as the week-long gathering in Los Angeles was getting underway, highlighted the challenges facing the Biden administration's attempt to solidify US leadership in its own backyard at a time when China is making diplomatic and commercial inroads.

Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile and Honduras are among the countries that have rejected the White House decision to exclude some governments (Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela) from attending the summit.

Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are staunch opponents of US hegemonic and imperialist policies. 219