Khiâr sekanjabin, an ultimate sweltering summer refresher

As one of the oldest Iranian drinks, sekanjabin, made of honey and vinegar, helps the body get cool during summer, especially when it's made with Khiâr (cucumber).

Iran PressIran news: This sweet and sour cooler is one of the summer favorites.

Sekanjabin, one of the oldest Iranian drinks, is made of honey and vinegar. It is usually served in summer and sometimes seasoned with mint.

Its ingredients are water, mint extract, honey (or sugar), and white vinegar (to balance out the sweetness).

How to make:

Add some grated, peeled Khiâr (cucumber), water, ice, and fresh mint, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate summer refresher.

These days, you can even buy ready-made sekanjabin syrup from the grocery store.


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