Tehran(IP)- A Nigerian trading-political delegation headed by the Nigerian Foreign Minister will arrive in Tehran to meet with the First Vice President, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, and the Speaker of Parliament to discuss bilateral relations.

Iran PressIran News: Nigeria is one of Iran's four trading partners in Africa. Earlier, the Director-General of the Arab-African Office of the Trade Promotion Organization stressed the need to increase efforts and planning to expand exports to Nigeria in the Post-COVID-19 era.

According to the International Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade, on June 6, a trading-political delegation from Nigeria headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs will travel to Tehran to carry out exchanges and conclude trade agreements.

During the visit, the Nigerian trading delegation will meet face to face with the Iranian officials, hosted by the Iran Trade Promotion Organization, to discuss trade exchanges with Iranian businessmen.

Also, at the end of the visit, several documents and memorandums of cooperation between the two countries will be signed by Seyed Reza Fatemi Amin, Iran's Minister of Industry and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria.

During the visit, the Nigerian Foreign Minister will meet with the First Vice President and the Speaker of the Islamic Parliament.

It should be noted that this trip is in line with the program of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to developing trade with African countries, and it is expected that with the signing of these agreements, exchanges between the two countries will increase by several times in a short period.

He added: "Iran's exports to Nigeria in the first six months of this year were close to $ 44 million, which shows a growth of eight times compared to the same period last year."


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