Tehran (IP) - The CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company emphasized that Iraq owes $1.6 billion for gas exports to Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Last year, in 2021, the National Iranian Gas Company announced the reduction of Iran's natural gas exports to Iraq, according to an agreement with this country previously announced.

Majid Chegini, the National Iranian Gas Company CEO, said that Iraq owes $1.6 billion to Iran for gas exports, adding that the country has one month to pay its debts.

Chegini added: "According to the agreement between the two countries, Iraq must pay its debt for gas exports to Iran."

The National Iranian Gas Company CEO also said: "According to the contract between the two countries and in which we have obligations, we must deliver the amount of gas mentioned in the contract to Iraq."

"Given the conditions that the two countries have, we signed a memorandum of understanding with each other. According to their needs and the conditions of our country, it was agreed that gas exports to Iraq would be increased and we have increased the amount," Chegini said.


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