Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran for Political Affairs says global concern about energy and food security must turn into an opportunity for global cooperation.

Iran PressIran news: Meeting with his Slovakian counterpart Ingrid Brocková on Monday in Tehran, Ali Bagheri Kani said that the global situation has made energy and food security a priority for most of the world's countries. 

Bagheri pointed to Iran's approach to solving the problems of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan during the last two decades and that the European countries acknowledge it.

He noted: "The costs of the US and some European states' failure of policies in the region have not merely harmed the Iraqi, Syrian, and Afghan but the people of these countries have been suffering the costs and harms of the implementation of the wrong policies."

He pointed out that the issue related to supplying basic goods for the Afghan people, particularly the issue of Afghan migrants, assigns specific responsibilities to all governments advocating human rights, especially the Europeans.

Ingrid Brocková for her part stressed the place of Iran in Slovakia's foreign policy as an important partner of the European country in expanding bilateral relations, calling for constant consultations between the two countries on regional and international issues. 219