Tunisia's President said in a televised speech on Sunday that his government will form a committee for the purpose of writing a constitution for a "New Republic" in Tunisia.

Iran PressAfrica: Kais Saied, who said that the constitution will be written within a few days, said a national dialogue on reforms will take place, which will include four major organizations, the UGTT labor union, the lawyers' union, the Federation of Industry and trade and the Tunisian League of Human Rights.

The referendum on this new constitution will take place on July 25, Saied said.

He also held a meeting today with Professor of Constitutional Law, Major General Sadok Belaid, and Major General Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa during which he discussed the legal situation and how to "bring about popular will in order to establish a new republic in Tunisia," according to a statement by the Presidency.

Tunisian President Kais Saied dissolved Parliament on March 30, calling for legislative elections within 3 months.

"Today, at this historic moment, I announce the dissolution of the Assembly of Representatives of the people, to preserve the state and its institutions," he said in a statement carried on state TV.

The Tunisian President made the announcement during a meeting of the National Security Council, just hours after parliamentarians held an online plenary session and passed a bill opposing his "exceptional measures".