Tehran(IP): After significant amendments to the bill, the commission has cleared up the ambiguities of the initial draft, and the votes and decisions of members of parliament and state officials will be made available to the public.

Iran Press/Iran News: The double urgency plan of transparency of the three branches of powers, which in addition to clarifying the legislative processes in the parliament, also clarifies the decision-making and executive processes in many institutions and bodies under other authorities, was approved by 183 the votes in favor.

According to this plan, for the first time in the history of Iran's parliament, the votes of all the lawmakers will be made transparent, and the details of the negotiations of the various commissions will be available to the public.

Moreover, the meetings of the cabinet and many executive bodies, including state-owned companies, some of which have been blurred and unclear, as well as institutions such as chambers of commerce, etc., will be made transparent.

Following the double urgency plan's approval, some ambiguities were raised in the initial draft, which has been modified by the Parliamentary Commission and clarified in the relevant reports.


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