Tehran (IP) - Iran's navy chief stressed that despite sanctions, threats, and lack of access to up-to-date equipment, the navy was able to meet its needs with the help of scientists and craftsmen.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Iran Navy Chief Admiral Shahram Irani said: "The main missions of the Navy are in international waters; thousands of kilometers away from the borders and the first defensive line of the country's security."

On the presence of the navy in international waters, Admiral Irani noted: "At the behest of the leader, the navy has a long and continuous presence in the Indian Ocean, especially in the area where our interests are threatened."

"By naval vessels, we can be anywhere, and we have plans for this year and will try to raise the Iranian flag again in distant waters," he emphasized. Regarding the readiness and strength of the Iranian navy compared to other countries, the commander of the navy added: "Today, Iran has the ability to be in all international waters using homemade equipment."

"When you move away from your borders, you need other countries to meet your needs such as food, fuel, etc., but the Iranian navy crossed the coast of 55 countries in a 134-day mission without reaching out to them."

In another part of his speech, he pointed to the ability and will of the navy to build naval and indigenized equipment during the sanctions and said: "All our equipment are made in Iran, that is why this year in 134 days navigation, Iran-made destroyer Sahand was sent and a few days ago, destroyer Dena returned to the country from a combined exercise."

The commander of the Navy said about the Dena destroyer sent to IMAX 2022 combined exercise that the Dena multi-purpose destroyer is fully made in Iran and can detect and destroy targets in the air, surface, and underground.

Regarding the unveiling of the latest achievement, he said: "We will launch a destroyer in the southern and the northern fleet by the end of September 2022."


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