Russia (IP) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister stressed the strengthening of cooperation regardless of the West sanctions.

Iran PressEurope: During a meeting on Thursday, Kazem Jalali and Igor Margolov called for Iran and Russia's consultation and cooperation as well as constant contact to address the bilateral issues. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported a series of plans adopted by the country to shore up cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran despite the sanctions imposed against the countries. 

Iran-Russia trade in 2021 reached a historical record of about $ 4 Billion.

Iran and Russia are sanctioned by the West, for they are against the US interventionist policies. 

The two countries played a significant role in destroying the US-backed ISIS in Iraq and Syria, a joint endeavor that made the West led by the US angry.

In her speech at the 2016 US election campaign, then-time Secretary of State acknowledged that it was the US who created the Takfiri terrorist groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda.


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