The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced on Tuesday that he would apologize for attending several parties at the height of the Coronavirus restrictions, but would not resign.

Iran PressEurope: Boris Johnson is facing mounting pressure to resign from devastated families who lost loved ones during the Covid lockdown after police fined the PM for attending an illegal Partygate event. 

Today Johnson became the first servingBritish Prime Minister in history to be penalized for law-breaking as No10 confirmed he will receive a fixed-penalty notice (FPN) for attending a Cabinet room birthday party arranged by his wife.

Johnson, Carrie and Rishi Sunak who all attended the event are among a tranche of 30 more FPNs notices dished out by Scotland Yard this afternoon to people who broke lockdown rules.

Johnson's opponents, including Labor leader Keir Starmer, have called for Johnson to step down.

The recent actions of the British Prime Minister have drastically reduced his popularity among the people. 219