Iranian chess grandmaster defeated the American chess player in FIDE Grand Prix Series 2022.

Iran PressEurope: In the second game of the semi-finals of the Fideh Grand Prix, on Thursday, Mohammad Amin Tabatabai faced his opponent from the US and in a brilliant game he defeated the American great master Wesley So with a rating of 2776.

With this victory, Grand Master Mohammad Amin Tabatabai achieved a one-on-one draw in the semi-finals and managed to improve the record of the greatest victory of Iranian chess players, which was broken by himself a few days ago with a victory against Anish Giri from the Netherlands.

The winner of the semi-final match is the winner of 2 victories from three matches.

Tabatabai is one of the Iranian chess players and is currently holding the second rank of best chess players in Iran. Tabatabai has titles such as Asian runner-up in his record.

The FIDE Grand Prix Chess Tournament is being held in Berlin with the participation of world-renowned chess players.

According to the Iran press; Mohammad Amin Tabatabai, who was the first Iranian grandmaster to participate in the history of the Men's Grand Prix, broke the record for the best victory in the history of Iranian chess by defeating the super grandmaster Anish. 219