In a meeting with Iran's Senior Aide of the Foreign Minister on Tuesday, Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President, called for the cooperation of Tehran- Damascus in all fields.

Iran PressMiddle East: Talks during the meeting dealt with the bilateral relations between Syria and Iran and efforts exerted by the institutions of both parties to enhance cooperation in all fields, particularly in the economic sector, to serve the interests of the two friendly countries and peoples.

The meeting also dealt with the political process and the upcoming rounds of negotiations on Astana and Geneva tracks, as both sides emphasized the importance that these negotiations should proceed without foreign interference and based a clear strategy and methodology to achieve tangible results.

Khaji briefed President al-Assad on the latest developments in the Iranian nuclear file and the progress of the negotiation process, which can reach positive results if the Western countries respected all obligations and requirements related to this file.

Both sides also discussed developments in the regional and international arenas, the crisis created by the West between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and the immoral practices it has adopted to fuel this crisis, including transferring the extremists from various parts of the world to that region and imposing sanctions on the Russian people as it has imposed on the Syrian and Iranian peoples before.


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