The head of the Chinese delegation in the ongoing Vienna talks on lifting anti-Iran sanctions said the negotiations are in the final stage and small steps remain up to the final conclusion of the talks.

Iran PressEurope: The eighth round of talks on lifting sanctions began in Vienna on December 27, 2021, and has resumed after a brief hiatus to consult delegations in their capitals.

Speaking to the reporters late on Tuesday, Wand Qun said that "We are really in the final stage and we are only a small step away from the final agreement."

He added that "China has made great efforts to minimize differences and will continue to do so."

The negotiations have progressed due to the initiatives of the Iranian negotiating team. Still, President Joe Biden's reluctance to compensate for the former US administration's illegal actions has cast doubt on Washington's seriousness in returning to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)  and has prolonged the negotiation process.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a responsible country, has repeatedly stated that, given that the United States has violated the JCPOA agreement, it is Washington that must return to the agreement by lifting sanctions. The implementation of US commitments needs to be verified.