On the 40th anniversary of the general national strike which was staged in the occupied Golan in rejection of the annexation decision, the Syrian government stressed that the occupied Golan will always remain Syrian Arab and a part of the Syrian territory.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Syrian Cabinet saluted the Golan’s citizens for their adherence to their identity and their homeland Syria, and for their steadfastness in the face of the occupation’s hostile practices.

Chaired by Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, the Cabinet’s weekly session emphasized that all ministries should raise the level of work, production, and field follow-up for the underway projects on a daily basis, especially in the service sectors “electricity, oil derivatives, and water.”

The session also underlined the necessity of overcoming all obstacles, setting performance indicators, and addressing gaps and defects if they occur.

Arnous called for speeding up the accomplishment of digital transformation, electronic payment services, in addition to expanding the citizen service centers and the services provided there, in order to shorten time and effort.