Sao Paulo (IP) – A celebration on the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Ali (AS), the first Imam of Shia Muslims in the world, was held at Imam Mahdi (AS) Center in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Iran PressAmerica: Shia Muslims in Iran and other parts of the world are marking the birth anniversary of Imam Ali, the first Shia Imam. Shias consider Imam Ali as the symbol of justice and bravery.

A number of Iranian, Lebanese, and Brazilian Muslims attended the celebration, and Hojjatoleslam Khalilou spoke about the dimensions of Imam Ali's (AS) personality.

A Brazilian Shai Muslim also recited poems praising Imam Ali (AS).

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) was born on the thirteenth of Rajab, 23 years before Prophet Muhammad's Hijrah (migration).

In Iran, his birthday is also celebrated as Father's Day.

He was martyred on the 21st of Ramadan in the year 40 AH in Iraq's Kufa at the age of 63.


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