Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi said on Friday: "Europe's €18 million budget is meant to boost Iran's cooperation with the European Union and it is not related to the EU's proposed economic package in relation to the JCPOA."

Iran Press/Iran : Bahram Ghasemi made the remark speaking to reporters when asked to comment about EU's budget allocated to Iran

Ghasemi added:  "European Commission allocated €18 million on Thursday for the developmental projects due to be implemented in Iran. It is the first chunk of a €50 million budget set aside for the purpose by the European Commission," reported IRNA. 

The EU Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini and Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif signed a joint statement in Tehran on April 16, 2016, which urged cooperation between Iran and the European Commission as the executive arm of the EU, the spokesman said. 


The EU Foreign Policy chief , Federica Mogherini


Following the exchange of high-ranking delegations between the two sides, the cooperation became operational in the areas of agriculture, immigration, industry and higher education, he added. 

The  European Commission on Thursday Aug 23,2018 , adopted a first package of €18 million for projects in support of sustainable economic and social development in the Islamic Republic of Iran, including €8 million assistance to the private sector.


The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran nuclear deal, concluded on 14 July 2015, opened the way for a new chapter in EU-Iran relations. A high level EU delegation - High Representative/Vice-President Mogherini and seven Commissioners - visited Tehran in this context in April 2016 and since then the cooperation has evolved in various sectors ranging from economic cooperation, transport and energy to education and culture, as well as global challenges such as climate change, drugs, migration and refugee flows.

Cooperation between the EU and Iran in these sectors involves high-level dialogues, technical exchanges and concrete projects. This includes support to Iran's national nuclear regulatory authority and the Bushehr nuclear power plant. The Commission also assists Iran since 2001 by providing support to the education, health care, and job opportunities benefitting the 3.5 million Afghan refugees and migrants residing in the country.

The European Union is fully committed to the continued, full and effective implementation of the JCPOA, as long as Iran respects its nuclear-related commitments. The lifting of nuclear-related sanctions allowing for the normalisation of trade and economic relations with Iran constitutes an essential part of the JCPOA.


Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Monday that Europeans have done a 'very good' job in announcing stances but Time is ripe for Europe to make a decision. They cannot procrastinate any longer.




'As said earlier, Europeans did quite well in announcing their stances; however, they should take practical steps in translating those stances; they can no longer "wait and see" , said Zarif.

The JCPOA could change the security atmosphere formed against Iran to isolate the US and it is now Europe's turn to pay its share to guarantee their long lasting interests, he said.Time is ripe for Europe to make decision as they cannot buy time any longer, he said.

European allies tried and failed to persuade Trump not to walk out of the 2015 agreement, under which Iran agreed to curbs on its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of international sanctions. Rouhani said Washington would come to rue a move that had been rejected by other countries.




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The EU Foreign Policy chief , Federica Mogherini
The EU Foreign Policy chief , Federica Mogherini