Boost your phosphorus with Iranian Lanjou (fish broth)

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Lanjou (fish broth) helps you to improve the level of phosphorus and protein in the body while enjoying a succulent traditional dish.

Iran PressIran news: Lanjou, the local food of Zabol county, southeastern Iran, is one of the healthiest and most delicious local foods in the region.

It contains plenty of phosphorus and protein to meet your body's needs.


An onion
Doogh or water
Turmeric, salt, and pepper
Zaboli Curry ( traditional hot red sauce )

How to make Lanjou:

Fry the onion, then add salt, pepper, turmeric, and the traditional spice of Zabol and doogh, and stir until the Doogh boils, remember that you must stir until it boils. If you use water it does not need stirring.

After boiling the Doogh or water, add the fish, then add the turmeric, heat it gently until the remaining water at the bottom of the pot dries, the food is ready to serve, it can be served either with bread or rice.

Note: Do not stir the fish too much. Stirring the fish too much will cause it to be crushed. Excessive boiling of the fish will also cause the fish to be crushed.


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