Tehran (IP) - Iranian President called on members and agents of the government to be in constant contact with the elites and experts related to their field of work, even those who oppose the taste of the government, and that no government agency should neglect to communicate with the elite community related to its field of management.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Wednesday morning in a cabinet meeting, Ebrahim Raisi referred to the Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei's commendation for the slogan of a popular 13th government, saying: "All government officials should try to continue this path and try to improve it."

Raisi called on the government members to communicate and meet with the client and the people who refer to the offices.

Raisi called on all government officials to recognize the people as trustworthy observers and said: "If you receive a report from the people, be sure to check it carefully and if it is correct, act accordingly."

The President also called on members and agents of the government to stay in touch with the elites and experts in their field, even those who oppose the government's tastes, stating: "None of the government agencies should neglect coordination with the elite community, and they should have regular meetings and discussions with experts in their field."

In another part of his speech, Raisi emphasized the need to formulate and implement a fair salary payment system and noted: "As the thirteenth government, according to the slogans and approaches of this government, we must make the salary payment system fair."

"What is being done today is the dominance of bargaining in the payroll system, which must be reformed within the framework of a coordinated and fair payment system," he said.

Raisi stated: "It is necessary to form a working group to formulate a new, uniform and fair law for payment of salaries in a short time, and this law, after being approved by the parliament, will adopt all the current laws and regulations on payment of salaries and benefits in different agencies."

Addressing the relevant officials, the President emphasized that the price of goods should not be allowed to increase in any way and said: "Different agencies should announce any facilities, including the authorities they need, and in return are obliged to resolutely prevent any price increase."

Raisi emphasized: "Unfortunately, some currents seek to create despair and hopelessness in the people, and the executive and government agencies should try to make the people more hopeful about the future of the country by reporting and presenting news of what has been done and not what is to be done."


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