Tehran (IP) - Deputy Speaker of Iran's Parliament said that the cooperation between the parliaments of Iran and Malaysia in international forums can serve the interests of both countries.

Iran PressMiddle East: Ali Nikzad, Deputy Speaker of Iranian Parliament made the comments in a meeting with his Malaysian counterpart, Rashid Hasnon in Tehran on Saturday.

In the meeting, Nikzad said that the Iranian parliament welcomes enhancing cooperation between the two parliaments as well as exchanging experiences on legislation and supervisory role of the two parliaments. 

Nikzad further comprehensively explained Iran’s parliament structure, stages of passing a law and other duties of the Parliament. 

Deputy Speaker of Iranian Parliament pointed out that Parliamentary cooperation of the two countries in international parliamentary assemblies can serve the interests of both countries.

He also stressed the need to enhance economic cooperation particularly in energy and new technologies fields and expressed hope that the joint effort of the Iranian and Malaysian officials would lead to the promotion of trade level exchanges. 

Mohd Rashid Hasnon, in turn, elaborated on the Malaysian parliament and emphasized the need for continuous talks between the Parliament members of the two countries.

He further noted that parliamentary friendship groups of the two nations play a prominent role in exchanging experiences between the two countries' parliaments, expressing hope for further exchanges between members of the Iran-Malaysia parliamentary friendship groups after the Covin-19 pandemic is over.

Hasnon stated that Malaysia welcomes the boost in economic exchanges, adding, facilitating banking cooperation will play a cricual role in this regard. 

He also pointed to the dialogue between the banking officials of the two countries as a possible solution to resolve obstacles.


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