Sulaymaniyah (IP) - University students from Sulaymaniyah of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region continue their protest against their problems, including unpaid stipends.

Iran PressMiddle East: University students took to the streets in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan Region, on Wednesday to denounce the cut in scholarships and other university problems.

Protesters also closed the Sulaymaniyah-Kirkuk route on Tuesday, stressing that they would continue to protest until their demands were met.

Muslim Abdullah, a member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Parliament, said that the reason for the resumption of student protests in Sulaimaniyah was that the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government did not fulfill its promise to pay scholarships to students.

For several weeks now, students in Sulaymaniyah have been protesting against the cut in tuition fees from the local government of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and taking to the streets to demand that the stipends continue.

The local government of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region has cut tuition fees for students since 2014.

Resolving the problems of student dormitories and universities and eliminating discrimination between public and private universities are among the other demands of the protesting students in Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan.


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