Iran's Parliament Speaker:

Tehran (IP) - The Speaker of the parliament said that Iranian students have preserved their revolutionary soul, acting according to the causes of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran PressIran news: In a speech on the open chamber of the parliament on Tuesday, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf commemorated Student Day in Iran and highlighted the fact that today's Iranian students preserved the soul of cause-seeking like their antecedent counterparts after the Islamic Revolution victory. 

"Our students are free from political factions, in accordance with the original ideals of the Islamic Revolution. Their demands are for justice, elimination of discrimination, legalism, reduction of distance between people and authorities, fight against corruption, independence, and resistance against the world's arrogant powers, defense of social freedoms, emphasis on transparency, attention to the youth, bravery, and explicit criticism of the performance of officials in line with the ideals of the Islamic Revolution," he explained.

On December 7, 1953, upon the arrival of the US' then-Vice President Nixon, the troops of Shah opened fire on the students of Tehran University's Faculty of Engineering, shooting dead and wounding a number of others.


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