Tehran (IP) - Iran's President, in a phone conversation with his French counterpart, called on Macron to work for lifting sanctions on the Iranian nation and said those who violated JCPOA should gain the trust of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: In a 90 minutes phone talk, Ebrahim Raisi spoke on Iran's position in the Vienna talks with the world powers with French  President Emanuel Macron.

Ebrahim Raisi said: "Iran has always adhered to its commitments on the nuclear issue and the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed Iran's adherence."

Referring to the ongoing talks in Vienna on the lifting of sanctions, the President said: "Sending a comprehensive team to the negotiations shows the serious will of Iran."

The President emphasized that "Sanctions have not been able to stop Iran on the path of progress, and today the whole world knows who violate the JCPOA and who must return to their obligations."

President Raisi stressed, "The current situation is the result of the Americans and Europeans not fulfilling their obligations in JCPOA."

Referring to the recent visit of the Director-General of the Atomic Energy Agency to Tehran, the President said: "The Director General of the AEAI in Iran did not say anything about Iran's non-compliance and we are ready to continue our full cooperation with the Agency."

Raisi and Macron also talk about bilateral relations.

The first day of Vienna talks on lifting sanctions between the P4 + 1 group senior diplomats and Iranian diplomats ended on Monday after a two-hour meeting.

The Iranian delegation attended the meeting with a legal-economic approach, focusing on the issue of lifting sanctions against Iran.


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