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Tehran (IP) - The caretaker of the Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES) believes that the signing of the Turkmen gas swap agreement with Azerbaijan from Iran will increase the power of the latter’s diplomacy in the Vienna talks.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Sadegh Jokar stated that in any strategic negotiation, the level of sensitivity and vulnerability to the outcome could overshadow the negotiation process, adding the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum has carried out measures that have reduced Iran's diplomatic vulnerability.

"Increasing oil exports under conditions of maximum pressure, focusing on the export of petroleum products due to regional conditions, signing a gas swap agreement along with the release of some hard currency resources, has reduced Iran's vulnerability before the Vienna talks," he told Shana.

He also described the signing of the gas swap agreement with Turkmenistan as a vital step in diplomacy and expressed hope that the Turkmen gas export agreement with Iran would be revived in the coming months.

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Iran, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan sign tripartite gas swap

The trilateral gas swap agreement between Turkmenistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will deliver 1.5 to 2 billion cubic meters per year of gas from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan through the Iranian territory.


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Gas deal with Turkmenistan will definitely be revived: Pres. Raisi