Iran is ready for judicial cooperation with Austria

Tehran (IP) - The Deputy for International Affairs of the Judiciary announced Iran's readiness for human rights talks and judicial cooperation between Tehran and Vienna.

Iran PressIran news: Kazem Gharibabadi, Deputy for International Affairs of the Judiciary and Secretary-General of Iran's Human Rights Office, said during a meeting with Wolf Dietrich Heim, the Austrian Ambassador to Tehran: "Judicial diplomacy is a way of understanding each other and helping to solve problems that are not possible through politics."

Emphasizing Iran's welcome for human rights talks with other countries, he criticized the political perspective on the issue of human rights and said: "Unfortunately, some countries use human rights as a tool against others to achieve their foreign policy goals."

Criticizing the West's approach in supporting Canada's resolution against Iran, Gharibabadi said: "Canada is one of the main violators of human rights, a violator of the rights of indigenous peoples, a crime against children, a widespread violation of the rights of Iranians living in Canada by depriving them of services."

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Gharibabadi called the human rights resolution against Iran a clear example of political action in human rights and stated: "While some countries do not even have a history of holding elections, or countries claiming human rights that themselves face widespread human rights abuses, they are immune to criticism, but under the pretext of human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a special rapporteur is appointed and a resolution is passed that is far from the realities of Iranian society."

He stressed that Western countries are not immune from human rights violations, and there are many cases of human rights violations in various fields in these countries.


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