Tehran (IP) - Creative and Innovative house "B" is a project to provide local creative talents in Iran with job opportunities.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking with Iran Press News Agency, the director of Creative and Innovative house "B," Zahra Aboulhassani, elaborates on the aims of forming this house, saying that this house paves the way for creative artists to gather and develop their innovative ideas. One of the main concerns of this place is to mix art with literature, technology, and traditional art with modern life, she added.

Aboulhassani went on to say that creative houses make handicrafts practical, in which artists stand beside producers and produce new things.

Elaborating on why this house is called "B," she said that this means we are beside the artists and startups from the beginning of their jobs to the final steps when they enter the market and reach their goals.The director of this creative house added that we cooperate properly with various ministries, especially cultural heritage and handicraft ministry and private sectors, to reach our common aims. 

Zahra Aboulhassani said that here, we welcome all creative artists and startups in handicraft and tourism to provide them with various services that suit them.Referring to the creative houses, she noted that they are active in various forms of cultural activities like handicraft, game, animation, and any activity which lead to the creative industry in various cities like Isfahan and Kashan.

Aboulhassani finally referred to "Mohammad Aboulhassani" as the founder of this house who made efforts for establishing it, and unfortunately, he passed away due to the coronavirus infection.


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