Tehran (IP) - The leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, on Wednesday morning, in a meeting with young elites and top scientific talents, stressed the need for the scientific community and elites to focus on finding scientific solutions to various problems.

Iran PressCommentary: Explaining the importance of the role of elites in this field, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei pointed out three important goals; the eliteness capacity of the youth of the Iranian nation can pave the way for filling the country's scientific gap with world science, crossing the global borders of science and creating a new Islamic civilization and realizing the country's bright future.

The three major goals emphasized by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution about the importance of using the scientific capacities and creativity of the elites are among the issues that are of strategic importance for achieving the status and scientific authority and sustainability of scientific growth in the country.

A look at Iran's scientific achievements in the years after the victory of the revolution indicates the growth of scientific indicators and the development of knowledge-based activities. Continuation of this brilliant path, however, requires endurance and perseverance in the face of hardships and overcoming obstacles that exist on the path of scientific development of the country as a soft power of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out in this regard that the Iranian nation is a potentially elite nation, and for this reason, it has long been the target of a humiliating soft war of the colonialists in order the nation to forget and even deny their talents and abilities and accept the big lie "we cannot".

Negligence; prelude to plunder 

The Leader of the Revolution considered negligence and plunder as two complementary goals of the colonialists in instilling inability in the nations, adding: "Negligence is the prelude to plunder and plunder increases the negligence of nations of inner abilities and talents."

In recent years, Iran's enemies have tried to block the country's scientific progress by using various options, such as intensifying crippling sanctions, sabotage, and assassinating the Iranian scientists.

They also tried to return Iran to a period of backwardness and dependence by showcasing Iran's nuclear knowledge and missile and drone capabilities as threats. The Iranian nation, however, conquered many high peaks of science and knowledge with confident steps and showed arrogance that it deserves real progress and authority.

In the latest scientific rankings by scientific research institutes, Iran is now among the top 20 scientific countries in the world. The Islamic Republic also managed to flourish its scientific creativity in the field by producing vaccines in the past year, despite sanctions and economic pressures and the outbreak of corona virus throughout the world.

Iran has fastest scientific growth rate in 10-year period by statistics

Although statistics show that the fastest rate of scientific growth in the last decade has related to Iran, the small share of less than one percent of knowledge-based companies in GDP is such an important point that Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the need for its increase and highlighted that this growth should reach at least 5% in 3 to 4 years.

Obviously, moving in this direction requires two complementary and interconnected currents. First; Trying to progress and not being disappointed in continuing to progress and maintaining a spirit of hope for the future. Secondly; In this movement, the creativity and talents of young people should be used in all fields, and according to the Leader of the Revolution, all should enter the stage of 'scientific production.

As stated by the Leader of the Revolution, today, important scientific works are being carried out in the country, which are often among the scientific branches created by others, while in addition, the unknown laws of nature must be discovered through creativity and innovation, and innovation must be prioritized in the production of science.

From this point of view, the words of the Leader of the Revolution are in fact a roadmap for scientific development to cross the global borders of science and create a new Islamic civilization and realize the bright future of the country.


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