Brigadier-General Ahmad Ali Goudarzi

Tehran (IP) - Commander of the Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stating that the Iranian border guards were stationed in the country's borders with full readiness, said that Iran's borders were in full and stable security.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier-General Ahmad Ali Goudarzi, Commander of the Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran, at the graduation ceremony of the students of the Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, noted: " Iran shares borders with 15 neighboring countries and has stable and desirable security on its borders, especially on the southeastern borders."

Pointing out that the presence of enemies and foreigners in the borders of the country is the red line of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said: "If hostile groups and foreigners move on the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the brave border guards of the police force will guard the country with authority."

Goodarzi added: "Diplomatic interaction and communication with neighboring countries is well established and none of the border crossings and terminals are closed. Also, trade and economic exchange at the borders is well underway."


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