Beirut (IP) - People in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, hold a funeral ceremony for Thursday armed attack victims in the day of mourning across Lebanon on Friday after the death toll from the Tayouneh ambush attack reached seven.

Iran PressMiddle East: Lebanon is observing a national day of mourning on Friday after snipers attacked protesters in Beirut left seven people dead and injured at least 32 others.

According to the reports, Lebanese Forces militia staged a deadly ambush in Tayouneh as they opened fire at peaceful demonstrators protesting the politicization of the Beirut Port blast near Justice Palace.

Hezbollah and Amal Movement accused groups affiliated with the Lebanese Forces party of standing behind the armed attack on protesters heading to the Justice Palace in Tayouneh on Thursday.

"Within the frame of civilized and peaceful expression of a clear political position from the course of the investigation into the port crime, we organized today a symbolic demonstration outside the Justice Palace in Beirut, where participants were subject to an armed attack by groups from the Lebanese Forces party that deployed in neighboring streets and on rooftops, and engaged in direct sniping activity and intentional killing," Hezbollah and Amal said in a joint statement.

On Thursday, Lebanon Army Forces (LAF) told that several Lebanese Force (LF) party members had been arrested today, as they are suspected of having participated in the shooting against unarmed protestors.

The source confirmed that eight people from LF, a right-wing political party, have been arrested so far, noting that some admitted to planning today's shooting.

Seven peaceful protesters were shot and killed and dozens wounded in the Tayouneh area on Thursday after snipers on the roof of buildings in the Tayouneh area in Beirut targetted civilians.

On Thursday evening, Lebanese President Michel Aoun promised to hold the attackers accountable.


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