Tehran (IP): Iran’s Interior Minister said that Tehran, as the first and biggest industrial city, could be a role model for other cities in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at a ceremony to introduce Tehran’s new governor, Ahmad Vahidi stated that Tehran stands first when it comes to Islamic Civilization and identity.

The interior minister added: “Tehran is a base fighting against enemies and it represents its importance more than others.”

Referring to Tehran’s capacities, i.e., the elites, Vahidi called the city’s properties unique.

Every change brings new hopes, and we do expect 14 million residents of Tehran to live more comfortably, and at a lower cost, Interior Minister added.

Introducing Tehran’s new governor Mohsen Mansouri as a young manager, Vahidi expressed hope that all problems would be met during his management.

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At the ceremony, Tehran’s former governor Anoushiravan Mohseni-Bandpey also talked about his three years of management.

The ceremony to introduce Tehran’s new governor was held in Tehran on Wednesday, October 13. Tehran’s mayor Alireza Zakani and a group of Iran’s parliament members also attended the ceremony.

The city was established as the capital city by the first Gajar dynasty king, Agha Moḥammad Khan, more than 200 years ago,

It has grown from a small city to a major metropolis: situated in an urban region of 14 million inhabitants, Tehran is Iran’s largest city and one of the world's most populated cities. 

The mayor and the governor are two important people to run the capital of Iran, the former being elected by the city council, elected by the people, and the latter being appointed by the interior minister.

So far, one of the city's mayors has been elected as president and another one the speaker of the Iranian parliament.


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