Iranian Defense Min.:

Tehran (IP) - In response to the statements of the leaders of the Zionist regime, Iran's Minister of Defense said: "The Armed Forces of Iran will give a crushing response to any irrational and ignorant action."

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in a meeting with senior officials of the Ministry of Defense in response to the worthless remarks of Iran's enemies, especially some leaders of the Zionist regime, Brigadier-General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, Iranian Minister of Defense said on Monday: "The defensive power of the great nation of Iran and advances based on new and innovative, scientific knowledge and indigenous technologies have been prepared solely to maintain the security and protection of the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and only to respond to any threats and probable aggression."

Stressing that the great and brave nation of Iran with authority originating from their faith and brave spirit will be present in all areas of countering the enemies, Brigadier-General Ashtiani added: "The great people of Iran, much to the dismay of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution, will, as in the past, achieve other glorious victories with intelligence, struggle, and perseverance."

Strongly warning the enemies, the Iranian Minister of Defense clarified the enemies' worthless statements, saying: ‌"The hands of Satan and the regimes affiliated with the shallow powers have desperately led to nonsense and accusation."

Brigadier-General Ashtiani referred to the nonsense remarks of the enemies of Islamic Iran, especially some leaders of the Zionist regime, emphasizing: "From the fake Zionist regime, which has always been greatly defeated by the Iranian nation in its record and is defeated in front of the world's public opinion and the freedom seekers of the globe, and only has the power to express its hatred and resentment towards the oppressed and defenseless women and children; one cannot expect further."


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